DMXS….Decoster, unplugged!

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In keeping with my ’80s-theme press releases, I have chosen a Clash classic to sum up the Motocross des Nations, so feel free to sing along if you know the words. “One day is fine, next is black. So if you want me off your back. Well come on and let me know. Should I Stay or should I go? Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble. An’ if I stay it will be double. So come on and let me know. Should I Stay or should I go?” We will pose that exact question to Roger DeCoster tonight. The Man who wears many hats has become somewhat of a focal point and fodder for the flaming boards, so we will give him a chance to follow up his press release, and get the latest on Team USA. Nate Adams finally won Gold at the X Games this year and celebrated by going out to a local MX track and breaking his wrist. We will catch up with the wounded trickster and hear his plans for the Gravity Games and beyond. Nate will also squash the rumor that Alessi tried to hop on board with his primary sponsor, Target.

Daniel Blair and Wonder Warthog Racing welcome Levi Reid and Adam Menenga to their segment tonight. Adam cleaned up as the Most Improved Privateer this week, and Levi will be on to talk about his new line of jeans coming out this fall. Also, Marca Bucholz from Supercross: The Movie starring Daryl Hannah will join us to start the PR machine for the movie, due out next Spring. Marca assured me this movie is primate-free and will feature no animals riding a motorcycle at any time. In a related story, Bauer was overheard saying if he could just have 5 minutes alone with Daryl Hannah, he could “have her eating out of his hand.” The only thing that would result from that meeting would be a retraining order.

Well, I have to head out for our softball game before the show. The DMXS Troublemakers are taking on the Maxxis Mayhem for the Atlanta MX community bragging rights. I hope we win, because the coach always takes us to Dairy Queen when we do.