DMXS…Disco sucks and so do we

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We sent several covert reporters to uncover some secrets behind the top secret movie “The Prequel,” that was supposedly filmed last weekend at Glen Helen. The best they could come up with was the Gary Busey Life Story starring Kelly Smith, but those reports are not confirmed, and our calls to Spielberg have not been returned. Fortunately, our Teen Beat reporter David Bailey was on hand for the weekends festivities and will give us a first hand account from the movie set. Michael “Burner” Byrne hails from Australia, but his speed translates in any country. Although Michael has been tasked to carry the Team Green colors by himself in the 250 class this year, he is looking for a room mate next year since he needs someone to split the factory semi rent, and of course the electric and phone bill. In a little twist of irony, Burner did not get his nickname for his incredible speed, but rather his insatiable appetite for Hot Pockets. I think we can all agree on those little culinary delights. Also joining us tonight is the current AMA Light Featherweight Champion and Amsoil Chaparral 125 rider, Ryan Mills. Ryan decided to take up boxing as a second career since ESPN does not consider MX a sport since we rely on motors. (Insert your own “bullshit” comment here). Ryan banged up his ribs in a Fight Club street brawl, but the stud will be ready for Hangtown. Our show would not be complete without the Wonder Warthog crew, and this week’s installment is supersized like all of Bauer’s fast food orders. Daniel Blair will give us an update on his untimely injuries, and Kevin Johnson will wear the Privateer of the Week cape and not much else for his interview. The lovely and fast Sarah Whitmore makes her return to the show as she fills us in on the women’s MX scene and more importantly if Jason Weigandt has adhered to the restraining order just recently issued.