DMXS….Don’t make me turn this car around!

The moto planets have aligned, and Jeremy McGrath will finally make his debut on the show tonight. MC has officially retired but not before setting the bar for many generations to follow. In his so-called retirement, MC has written a best-selling book, been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame, has rubbed plastic with Alessi, played in the Road to Recovery Golf Tournament, competed in the 50 MiniMoto SX race in Vegas, and signed on with White Brothers SuperMoto, and all in the last few months alone. We have a lot to catch up on, as we also pay the proper respect to a true hero in our sport. Sean Hamblin is tired of working so hard and not having the results to show, but it¿s a whole new outdoor season and he loves the sunshine, wild flowers, and fresh air while 5th gear pinned. Sean is a long time friend of the show and will catch us up on the contract rumors and if he really has Decoster styled hair under that perfectly tilted truckers¿ hat. It seems like forever ago since Grant Langston held up his #1 plate at Troy to celebrate his 125 National Championship. Wait, that never really happened The Zulu warrior had high hopes on his 450 coming into Hangtown, but those aspirations were cut short with a practice crash that left his wrist as limp as Richard Simmons’. Grant will give all his fans an update on the severity of the injury, and when he expects to return to racing. Wonder Warthog Racing will represent as usual with its eternal flame for the privateer.

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