DMXS…It’s What’s For Dinner

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Who ever first said, “Move West, young man” did not take into account the 125 split series as it’s now time to move East. Just when you think you have all your fantasy 125 picks down, the riddle has been renewed starting at Indy with a stable full of new riders.

One of those favored to contend for a title is our own Georgia neighbor, Davi Milsaps. Davi had a bit of a learning curve last year, and is ready to bust out his sophomore season aboard a Factory Suzuki. We will catch up with our Southern friend as he prepares for his last week of vacation for a while. Nick Wey has turned some heads this season, and not just because he has a nice ass. The Rick Melon of 2005 has really worked hard to pull his MDK Motorsports ride together and some admirable finishes so far. Nick goes way back with us and we always love to share some time with the Godfather of the Michigan Mafia. Attack MX has been the elephant in the motocross room for several months. Everyone knew they were there, but nobody wanted to comment. Well, the AMA had some encouraging words for the eligibility status of their riders that would make the entire sport exhale with relief. We will give the Attack MX rep some time to discuss the latest developments on the eve of their first race this weekend.

Wonder Warthog and Chad McCan welcome the mostest, bestest, awesomest, improved rider again this week with Ryan Clark. If he makes it next week, they will have to name the award after him. The POTW is none other that Jason Weigandt. It’s very impressive that Jason had time to announce the Heat races, and Main while participating in them. I told you that kid was talented. Wait. I was just handed a note clarifying something. It seems that Tim Weigand is actually the Privateer of the Week. Tim is the faster and much more coordinated third cousin to Jason. Kenny Morris from the Brett Downey Safety Foundation will be on to discuss the goals for their program and what you can do to help.