DMXS…Live from Daytona, baby!

DMXS is coming to you live from Main Street in Daytona during bike week.  Yes, there are plenty of women showing skin, but the average age qualifies them for an AARP card and it’s difficult to tell where the leather ends and skin begins.  Besides Kevin, that is not what we are here for.  The epic Daytona national is scheduled right in the middle of SX season, and equates to the ultimate truth machine for conditioning and training.  You can tell lies all week about how many laps and motos you have put in, but when the gates drops on the pristine grass start straight for the qualifiers, you can tell your excuses walking because any weakness will be exposed. 

Chad Reed’s season can be summed up in a few tenths of a second.  At this level, that can be an eternity when you are chasing the venerable RC.  I know Chad’s heart and dedication to winning have never been higher, but some still feel the need to take a few jabs.  I invited our friend back on to hear his side, and remind those just how damn fast he is, and how damn hard he is trying.  David Pingree can’t seem to walk past a hornet’s nest without stopping and throwing a few stones at it.  David is well intentioned and not nearly as controversial as most make him out to be.  He will clear up the “Hawaii Five No Money article and Andrew “The blondest eyebrows EVER Short scuffle.  Jason Weigandt is our favorite vagabond and his travels bring him to our remote studio in Daytona tonight for a SX preview and how he has to eat his words about Bubba’s return.  David Bailey is sitting right next to me as I type this complaining how long it’s taking me, but continues to pull up the RacerX Daytona shots and wanting to bench race.  Check out his site, he is finally updating is now. The SPEED coverage should be awesome with RJ and DB in front of the camera for an epic past champion tag team. The entire WBR Suzuki team will be in studio as well, and we will have them all behind a mic before the night is out.  Dave Kimmey is at Lake Whitney and will call in with an amateur preview for us. 

We will be going from 8pm to 11pm tonight, so tune in an hour earlier than usual.  We have a packed show and it’s free, so you will get your money’s worth.