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“It’s all about March 19th.” That seems to be the sarcastic tag line leading up the second Anaheim 1 in Orlando this weekend with the return of James Stewart. The “Perfect Storm” turned into the “Tropical Depression” (Denny credit) then Bubba was injured and the boo birds came out of the woodwork declaring that a boring season awaits. Much to their surprise we have been treated to some of the best back to back races in recent memory with another apparent classic on deck. Chad Reed reversed the laws of physics with his upset win at Daytona over the sandman himself. RC needs little if any incentive, but coming off a loss in his own back yard and Bubba returning this week, I’m sure he pounded out enough laps to squeeze every drop of juice out the Citrus Bowl. Boys, put your game face on because it’s time to play.

There are a few images in MX that elicit immediate recognition and respect, and the FOX Doug Henry scar poster I have hanging in my shop is one of them. Doug has already secured his place in the history and lore of our sport, but continues to rewrite the ending. His dramatic GNCC win last week in yet another example of what core really means. We welcome him on tonight to catch the MX world up on the elusive superstar. Larry Brooks is sick and tired of KTM being the Rodney Dangerfield of MX. He wants his team and riders to receive the props and respect due, and he’s not afraid to call out the guilty board monkeys that perpetuate the myth. Larry is a straight shooter, and always makes for a great interview, so tonight should be fun as we send some love KTM’s way. Josh “Lil Badass” Hansen has accomplished in his young career what his father could not. He won Daytona. Josh will take us through his weekend, and what this win means to him. Harold Martin from Moto Playground has emerged from his winter hibernation where he survived on nothing but nuts and berries. Harold takes the down months to prepare for the nonstop amateur season that starts in Spring and ends at the hallowed grounds of Loretta Lynns. Harold will call in and give us an update on Lake Whitney Houston and beyond. David Bailey has been nominated for an SPEEDSY Award for his work in the booth at Daytona. It’s exactly like an ESPY Award, but different. Fans loved to see the ICON back in the booth and we just love to see him. DB will break down his race break down so even Kevin can understand it. WWR will have someone on, just not sure yet, but we love our privateers.