DMXS….Video Killed the Radio Star
Every Wednesday night at 9pm est.

In 1981, Mark Barnett won the last 250 SX title for Suzuki prior to RC, and MTV officially launched, beginning the start of 24-hour-a-day music on television. The first video broadcast was “Video Killed the Radio Star,” by The Buggles. It was a fitting and prophetic title as careers now live and die by their appeal on MTV and the like. Those of you that know nothing else then the convenience of cable TV and MTV can just sit there and shut up. For some of us, we had to endure the cherished, albeit sporadic, glimpses of music television with shows like King Biscuit Flower Hour, and the cheesy Friday Night Videos. Waiting all week to see Madonna dance to “Like a Virgin,” or see Michael Jackson moon walk when his nose was bigger and he was actually cool, and turn the volume up past static when Duran Duran was “Hungry Like a Wolf.” It seems like forever ago, but the natural evolution has brought us to this point. On the heels of our five year anniversary, DMXS will launch its live studio web cam tonight and take the next step in covering the sport. We will offer breaking news tickers, weather, stock reports, mad cow disease updates, and our first undercover story…”What in the hell ever happened to those damned Killer Bees?” No, not really, but you will have to tune in to see what hijinks and tomfoolery we have in store. And yes, I just used “tomfoolery” in a PR.

We wanted to have David Bailey on tonight for this special premier. DB has supported us for many years and we thought it was appropriate to have him on for this milestone. The fans are thrilled to have DB back in the booth for the nationals and we can¿t wait to hear his take on the summer thus far without worrying about it hitting the editing room floor. There is plenty of drama on and off the track and we will sort through it all. Barry “Boom Boom Hawk Jam” Hawk has the GNCC world abuzz with his popular win a the Wisp this past weekend. We complain about MX motos, but that pales in comparison to the three hour marathons these men throw down. Barry will catch up all his fans on his victory and beyond, including his newborn son, Talon. Yes, his name is Talon Hawk! Andrew Short is affectionately known as having the blondest eyebrows in the sport, but don¿t let that smile and glowing neon yellow hair fool you, he can push back. Just ask Broc Hepler after leaving the door wide open in the last turn, last lap of the last West Coast race of the year. Ole “blonde brow” dropped the Factory Suzuki rider like a bag of hammers to take the win. The taste of that still lingers as they have bumped bars outdoors as well. Andrew is always a great interview and a good friend of the show, so we will let him break it all down for us tonight. Jason Weigandt can barely negotiate a track on a full size bike, but he somehow has been roped into a Mini Supermoto tonight. We will hear it live from the track as Jason does his best impression of a circus bear on a tricycle around the course against some formidable competition.

Again, check out the show live as we are not archiving the video stream. Look for great video clips, interviews, new ads, intern abuse, and theme nights as only DMXS can bring it to you. The live video feed will be up for our live shows from Steel City and Loretta Lynns¿. Thanks for all the support and listening over the past five years.