DMXS…We ain’t no holler back girl

Well, we have waited a long time for this and it¿s almost here. It does not even seem real that in just a few days the final chapter in the Star Wars saga will be released. We had to make special preparations for the show tonight since Kevin has been waiting in line at the theater since last Friday. That alone is fine, but he has been wearing his Princess Leah two peace bikini the entire time having to snuggle at night for warmth with some dude in a Chewbacca outfit. Kevin said it¿s actually fine since it reminds him of sharing a bed with Joey¿s hairy back last year at Loretta Lynn¿s when hotel beds were hard to come by. When you see the young Jedi knight Kevin this year at some races, he loves when people scream really loud in his ear, “May the force be with you!”

Seriously, the true war of this summer will be the 2005 AMA Motocross Championship presented by FMF, and the first salvo will be fired this weekend. The fans are rabid with anticipation, the riders are testing hard to find every advantage both physically and with their steeds, and our beloved David Bailey is back in the booth. All the players are in place for a season for the ages. DB will break down the competition in both classes for us as only a former champion can. We look forward to tonight, and his presence throughout the season. Those of us that can remember the early career of Robbie Reynard know of the smooth, fast style that was to carry him to the top of the sport. Unfortunately, this sport waits for no one, and after a series of devastating injuries, Robbie dropped off the radar. Nobody questioned his speed or talent, but those injuries took their toll and robbed the Oklahoman of his true potential. With the everlasting support of his family, Robbie will be on the gate at Hangtown aboard a 250F not to reminisce about what could have been, but to see what a new season holds. Chuck Ball watched Robbie this past weekend at a state race and said his speed looks great and he is healthy and trim. It¿s a privilege to welcome Robbie on the show. We were supposed to have a lengthy interview with Mike Alessi tonight but his surprise birthday party came first. We will still call in and wish him a happy birthday, and save the interview til after Hangtown. Bevo is one of our sport¿s true patriarchs and a DMXS favorite. We always love to share some bench racing and laughs with Bevo, so sit back and enjoy and you might just learn something.

WWR welcomes Sheri Cruse on the program tonight. She is only 16 but showed some impressive speed last weekend at the first round of the Women¿s MX Championship at Glen Helen. WWR is stepping it up for the girls as they will be reimbursing the entry fees this summer for the privateer women as well. Also on the show is the winner of the Women¿s Mini SX in Vegas, Jen Krick. Jen¿s $500 payout put the WWR program payout for the Supercross season at $100,320. That is some serious cash for the men and women that need it most. Support the WWR auctions and the program!

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