DMXS…We carry a little stick, but we will beat the hell out of you with it!

It took an extra seventy days for the race that we have all been waiting for, but it was well worth it. The storm finally arrived in Orlando as the palatable drama and anticipation throughout the pits peaked with a great night of racing. We had all the top talent, starting gate heroics, and a track that tested them all. Bubba came back with the same mind-boggling speed, Reed was fast and made the least amount of mistakes, and RC has to feel the sting of this loss for two weeks as the series goes idle until Dallas. The remaining five rounds will decide the champion but just over the horizon is the outdoor season where Hangtown and a clean slate are waiting. The stakes have never been higher, and with only one rider coming into Sacramento on top the rest will seek a reckoning. And as Rick Flair would say, “Whooooooooooooooooo!”

Shae Bentley is a champion and has represented this sport well. There is no secret that Shae has suffered many consecutive injuries over the last several years that made putting together an entire season near impossible. He is known for his enormous heart and faith, and is well respected and loved in the pits. Shae has informed us that he has indeed retired but will continue to be around the sport. We are honored to call him a friend and welcome him on to address this and thank those that have always been behind him. Unfortunately, David Bailey could not make the show last week. He went to the dollar theater to catch the Smokey and the Bandit 1, 2 and 3 film festival being shown back to back. DB has cleared a slot on his Blackberry for us, and we look forward to recapping the Florida swing with the ICON. For reasons outside our control, we will have to refer to David as “The Bandit” for tonight’s show. When I saw an attractive young French female journalist hanging out with TFS in Orlando all day, I of course thought of kidnaping or black mail, but she ended up being there of her own free will. After the authorities were done with the questioning, I had a chance to meet Marie Bayart from MOTO Magazine in France. TFS is showing her the ropes as she plans on skipping over the pond to cover the sport full time. They will be calling in from TFS’s love shack somewhere on the East coast.

WWR and Chad McCan welcome Chris Barrett as the 250 Most Improved Rider, and Willy Browning recognized as the Privateer of the Week. I had a chance to hang out with Scott Kandel at Orlando and he is more dedicated than ever to the plight of the privateer. Remember to keep supporting the WWR program and their auctions.

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