DMXS…We knocked up Britney Spears

As the ’05 Supercross season heads West for the final time this year, there are still two chapters yet to be written. The Hansel and Grantel fable has been put on hold until Vegas as Langston wrapped up the East coast in dramatic fashion for the omnipotent Pro Circuit juggernaut. RC still maintains a huge lead, but the Thunder From Down Under has a few more rumbles before it¿s all said and done. Bubba has tasted the sweet nectar of a 250SX win and wants more before the battle heads outdoors. Ivan Tedesco is poised to deliver his second title in as many years and is ready to return to racing after the long hiatus. We have been treated to some of the best racing in recent memory, and with the deep talent pool heading into Hangtown in both classes, the summer should not disappoint.

Steve Whitelock would rather he stayed out of the limelight, but the nature of the beast assures his job security. From the Hansel and Grantel situation, to seeded practice, we will hear it in his own words tonight as we shake down the topics. Tricky Nick Wey has shown true heart and determination this year prior to being sidelined with a knee injury. The Michigan Mafia Godfather has returned to his East coast home as he heals up from surgery and prepares for the nationals. Nick has been a long time friend of DMXS and we wanted to show him some love while he sits on the sidelines for the remainder of the SX season. Divorce is never a good thing and there is always the uncomfortable splitting up of property and friends. We are friends with both the Team Samsung crew and Josh Woods and waited several weeks after the split to allow time for emotions to subside before addressing it. Josh will be on to tell his side of the story and his plans for the future with his new team. Amanda Symiczek may not be a familiar name, but her title as Miss Anaheim 2 is. Amanda has been on Mototalk lobbying her position and asking for your vote in the Clear Channel Miss Supercross contest. Go to and at the top right click on, “Quick Menu Items,” and find, “Miss Supercross” to cast your vote. Amanda will be on tonight to help garner support for her cause. I¿m not sure if her platform is world peace, but she rides and is a true fan of the sport, and that¿s good enough for us. Moto Playgrounds¿ Harold Martin will be calling in from Mini O¿s for an update, and Josh Hansen will join us from there as well.

WWR will join us for their weekly segment as we always support the privateers.

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