DMXS……We still have all of our fingers after the 4th
Every Wednesday Night at 9PM est

I hope your July 4th weekend went well and you still have all your fingers. Here in Georgia, we do the obligatory illegal fireworks run to Alabama and bootleg it back full on Smokey and the Bandit style. It¿s not 400 cases of Coors beer, but the thrill remains the same. I don¿t have a CB radio either, but I do use my cell phone like one during the heist. I start off every call with, “Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon?” This year, I fought the law, and I won. Even so, we all can sympathize with the plight of ole Buford T. Justice so I always stop on the way at a fast food joint and say, “Give me a Diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick. I¿m in a goddamn hurry!” There were plenty of fireworks this past weekend at Red Bud as well. Some were on the track and some were in RC¿s lower intestine, but the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. The racing in the 125 class continues to entertain us while the ink is still drying on the record books as RC continues to rewrite them. Our live video streaming was a huge success last week and we look forward to making the production better every week. Tonight, we will be covering live our post show press conference about the show and take questions from the credentialed media. The press conference will be hosted by Jason Weigandt. For credentials, please call our intern at 1-800-555-HUNK.

Travis Pastrana may not be riding the outdoor series, but he continues to be one of the most popular and recognized riders in the world. TP has been showing up at freestyle competitions, tearing up Pikes Peak in a rally car, and well, just being Travis. He just returned from Europe so I called up my old friend to see what is on his plate for the rest of the summer and beyond. Ryan Mills is a great kid and a long time guest on our show so we could not be more pleased with his moto win and second overall at Red Bud. He had a trying SX season and a slow start to the outdoors, but he has found his groove and is showing why Larry Brooks hired him. Ryan will be on the show tonight to celebrate his awesome ride. Speaking of Larry Brooks, he has to be in contention for manager of the year. He took some chances this year and has turned the tide at KTM with their formidable new 250F and his stable of riders. Larry will join us as well, and as many of you already know, he does not sugar coat anything and that¿s how we like it. Ricky James was an up and coming rider that was turning heads on the amateur scene before his injury at the Spring Classic at Lake Whitney of this year. Ricky was paralyzed as the result of the crash but the same spirit that drove him as a racer still flows through him today. Ricky will catch all his fans up on his progress and plans from here. David Bailey has a bit of a break during the Tour de France coverage on OLN, but that won¿t stop him from breaking down the racing with us. DB will join us and not only talk about MX, but Lances¿ quest for another win.

WWR welcomes Jeff Dement on as the “Decal Works” 250cc Most Improved Privateer. They will also have Jesse Casillas back for another 125cc Most Improved Privateer award. Each of these guys gets $1000. They had to stay within one lap of the leader in all four motos (two each week) and improve their overall finish. They both improved three positions with Jeff moving from 15th to 12th and Jesse going from 24th to 21st.