DMXS…We will do your taxes for free

Why are we fans of this sport? Is it as simple as the sounds, the smell of race gas, and the adrenaline rush when get we watch the gate drop on the world¿s elite? All those are certainly factors, but we also make a conscious choice on whom we pull for. We make that choice on the blood, sweat, and tears shed by these riders as their journeys collide between hard work and destiny. I argue that while we love the sport, we are fans of the riders first. From the 5-year-old that stands in RC¿s line with a black #4 emblazoned on his cheek, to the proud parents and friends of the late Jason Ciarletta, we pull for the rider. I have always pulled for Shae Bentley.

Shae has displayed all the characteristics that have earned him respect in the pits and embodies the good of our sport. He announced his retirement on our show last week, but we wanted to send him off proper tonight. This show will be about April 8th, 2000, and the genuine Southern scream of joy heard round the two wheeled world as Shae was crowned champion.

David Bailey sat next to Art Eckman in the booth and called the race that would ultimately decide the 2000 West Region SX championship by two points. DB has a memory like an elephant, and a trunk from what I hear, and will bench race with us from the gate to the checkered flag. David Pingree has probably gone over in his mind a thousand times on how or where he could have made up those few points, as his dream to run the #1 plate was not to be. Ping is a good sport and will be calling in with his sharp witted side of the story and where in the hell he might be today if things had turned out differently in Dallas on that fateful night. Another player in this saga that is not often mentioned is Greg Schnell. Greg won the race that night, and with Shae and Ping both going down in the main, he only lost the championship by a total of six points when the dust settled. Greg will be on tonight for our walk down memory lane as he reminisces about the great season that came down to the last lap. Davey Coombs had the privilege of giving Shae the great news on the floor as he happened to be the pit reporter for ESPN that night. DC will give us his track side perspective on the highs and lows as he had to cover both.

WWR will welcome Doug Dehaaaaaan as the 250 Most Improved Rider of the Week, and Shawn Clark as the Privateer of the Week. The sponsor guest will be Brian Price from Shift. He wanted to clear up some of the rumor surrounding the Hansen/Grant throw down, and catch us up on Shift in 05.

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