DMXS…We will run with scissors

As usual, we’ve got the Wonder Warthog Privateer of the Week up for the first moto of the night. Doug DeHaan just happens to be Canadian, and a cape wearing one at that. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it¿s people intolerant of other peoples¿ cultures, and the Canadians. Doug has now lived the life of a privateer on both sides of the border and well deserves some props. I just can¿t wait to ask him how the 1 down 4 up shift pattern translates in metric.

Moto Playground’s Harold Martin will give us an on location preview from Rd. 3 of the Amateur Nationals being held in Las Vegas. The Partridge Family (Jason & Kyle) will be with us live from Vegas talking about what it’s going to take to knock the brothers Alessi off of their seat atop of amateur racing¿s best. I just hope they don¿t catch too much grief for that multicolored school bus they drive to the races. Speaking of Hockey we’ll have Team Suzuki’s relief pitcher Sebastien Tortelli who is fresh off his push to get his Denver Nuggets into the playoffs. Sebastien is set to be released to race in May and we all know how fast a healthy Tortelli can be outdoors. Broc Hepler finished 2nd in the 125 East this year, and that¿s not bad in a BubbaWorld. We will catch up and congratulate Broc on a great season, and see what the young star is doing to prepare for the Outdoors. David Bailey has lots to say about hair care products so we figured we make room for him to tell Joey how to work with those dreaded split ends and give me some advice on volume vs. sheen shampoos. DB will be playing the role of “racing dad” as well this week as his son Sean will be competing in Vegas.

Remember to grip the tank with your knees, weight the outside peg, keep your google strap up, keep your elbows up, stand up, angle your numbers correctly, make your girlfriend wear a tank top to the races, bring your own gas to the track, pay your taxes before Thursday, left hand right foot lay ups, stay between him and the basket, let the clubhead relax in your hands, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, get in sit down shut up and hold on, big doubles no troubles, she can have the house and I’ll take the garage, put my tools back in the right drawer, don’t sit too close to the TV, wait 20 minutes after you eat before you swim, look ahead in the ruts not at the front of your fender, you have to have your frame numbers at sign up, first gear in the pits, smoking may cause death in dead people, spandex should not be worn by men, all protests must be filed within 20 minutes of the time posted on the results, please pick your trash up, because every golf course should be a motocross track, fear this, objects in mirror are dumber than they appear as evidenced by this press release.

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