DogCamSport Has the Largest Selection of Helmet Cams in the UK

DogCamSport started off by selling cameras for dog collars hence the name “DogCam” but soon realised the market for portable wearable video camera technology for all sports enthusiasts. Not least the biking community who love to show off to their friends what they’ve been up to. Both riding and driving instructors have found these systems to be an invaluable training aid asset.

The owner of DogCamSport, Mark Nelson, also designed and patented his own suction mount kit for these small bullet cameras which are ideal for mounting to cars, bike helmets or fairings. These suction mounts have been tested at over 180mph and are used by motorcycle police in several forces over England. Full portable camera systems have also been supplied to the Fire and Rescue service to assist in catching serial arsonists.

Mark- “We’re really happy with the way the business has taken off, it’s certainly a huge market which is relatively untouched. I’ve always been in to making exciting videos so this stuff is quite close to me really. Becoming a distributor for Viosport has been an excellent choice, Viosport are the industry leaders in the field of POV camera technology. Now we can offer our customers a range of adventure cam systems as well as our own cameras”.

The company likes to work closely with it’s customers and is constantly redesigning and tweaking it’s products to offer the very best service available. Amongst their many products are picture-in-picture systems that allow you to record from two cameras at the same time, this is ideal for those who want more than one angle when making their movies. Another new device that has been developed for the company is a portable hard disk video recorder with anti-shock technology that negates the need to own a compatible camcorder to record from a helmet cam.

The friendly staff at DogCamSport are always happy to help and give advice, they can help put together bespoke camera kits for every eventuality. You can visit their website here where you’ll find all the info you should need to get up and running with a helmet cam kit.