Doug Dubach Grabs Another Vet Title

Imagine having virtually a 100% win record at a particular event. When Doug Dubach took both moto wins in the 30+ Pro class at the 18th Annual White Brothers World Vet Championships at Glen Helen, it was his ninth win in nine tries. The only blemish on an otherwise perfect decade was a year he missed due to injuries.

The latest win was definitely a test, though his biggest competition might have come from the track itself. A water shortage at Glen Helen, combined with windy conditions, made for a track filled with powdery silt berms, square-edged holes, and limited visibility. Dubach made it easier for himself with a pair of holeshots.


Kevin Walker, winner of the 25 Plus and Vet 30 Plus classes at this year’s Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships, was looking to do the same at Glen Helen, but found the conditions quite a bit different than in his home state of Tennessee. However, he did manage to keep Dubach in sight early in the first moto. Walker later related, “For two laps it was great. I made one little mistake on the third lap and once Doug kind of got away from me. I really tried to push so I could get back up with him, but I think that was worse, because then I started making more mistakes.”

Doug’s only other big challenge came during a sketchy moment right after the second moto start. “The water truck guy flooded the section after the first turn, so I came down there, hit a big mudhole and just about threw it away on the opening lap.”

Other than that, it was a pair of runaway wins for Doug. Terry Fowler (3-2) and Walker (2-3) rounded out the top three spots.


In the pits afterward, Dubach said, “It’s always just a mystery. Every year I come, I just wonder who’s going to show up and how everything’s going to go. It’s a one-day event so anything can happen. To be able to come out here and do that nine time out of nine tries is such a great feeling of accomplishment.”

“I’m just grateful that I’ve been able to do it this many times. Next year I’ll be in the 40+ class, but it’s on Saturday, so I could possibly do both. It’d be hard to do both in one day…that would be a little much. We’ll see what happens.”

Being a long-time Yamaha test rider, Dubach took some extra pleasure in seeing three Yamahas on the podium. “Everyone’s said, ‘Oh, you guys have worked so hard on this YZ450 and Honda’s winning all these magazine shootouts.’ I told ’em, ‘Wait until we get to the race track.’ Sure enough, I think more than half bikes in that race were Hondas, and there were three Yamahas on the podium. That’s my point right there. You wanna go racing? You buy a YZ450.”