Doug Henry /Wey/Cinco de Vallejo/ James Marshall/ Weigandt/WWR Tonight on DMXS

The Perfect Storm took two years to fully develop but it’s finally here. In fact, it quietly stalked the series to hit as the gate drops for the 450 main. With all the preseason hype and pseudo championships given out before and after Canada, it reminds us that the stats on paper are useless once the season starts. DownUnder Dog has regained his foothold after it was announced several times on some TV broadcasts that he had pretty much knocked himself out of the title chase. (We don’t blame you guys since no one could have foreseen this season). Stewart continues to set the blistering pace and has shown some maturity but a few get-offs have him 5 precious points back looking to play the spoiler this weekend. What else can be said of RC that has not already been scribed or chiseled in stone. RC has mastered the championship blueprint that his predecessors will follow for many years to come but the consistency machine that he is has to battle Reed mano y mano for one race. Winners Take All is not just the title of a cinematic masterpiece. It’s also the theme for this weekend, so may the best man win!

Doug Henry has nothing left to prove on two wheels but that is not stopping the MX legend from dominating at Supermoto. After a horrible crash last year, it looked like Doug might retire but we all knew that is not in his nature. Doug came back and swept both races at the season opener last weekend at the California Speedway. We will welcome our humble friend back on tonight and make fun of his Northern accent. Nick Wey is cooler than the other side of the pillow but he always finds time for the show. Tricky is a DMXS fan favorite so look for his special commemorative shirt this year for the outdoors. As many of you already know, our fallen brother James “Outlaw” Marshall was tragically injured at the San Diego SX this year. The industry has come together in support and continues to do so. James will be on the show tonight from his hospital room to give his fans and supports an update on his progress. Also, his good friend Shawn DeCloedt will be on to talk about the continued efforts on James’ behalf including a very cool David Bailey replica CR85 to be auctioned on Ebay. You can check out for ways to help. It would not be the first week in May on DMXS without Erick “Cinco de” Vallejo. Erick has been one of the hardest working privateers in the industry for many years so we always make time to give him some extra love. Jason Weigandt is a lucky man. No, I’m not just talking about those Huey Lewis “rumors.” I’m talking about having the best seat in the house for every round of this epic season. Weege has been a core fan of the sport since he was a kid so he can appreciate the historical significance of this title chase going into Vegas. We will hear some prophetic insight from the internet voice himself.

WWR welcomes on Doug DeHann and Adam Chatfield as the WWR /Decal Works Most Improved Privateers from Seattle. They will both receive a check for $1,000. Power to the Privateer!
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