Dowd/Tedesco/Jamie Little/Erin Bates On DMXS Tonight

John “Not a 40-Year-Old Virgin” Dowd had already secured his place in the hearts of motocross fans throughout the country but added to his legacy with an impressive 6th overall at Southwick last weekend. The 40-year-old showed little signs of his age as he carved the familiar sand track to pieces in front of his hometown crowd. The sport misses Dowdy and his big smile in the pits after retiring last year, but we will catch up with our “young” friend tonight.

Ivan “Honey Mustard” Tedesco was well on his way to a very impressive rookie season until a crash in Vegas sidelined his outdoor effort. Ivan had surgery to repair his wounded wing and we will get the latest on his recovery and when he will be back on the gate aboard his Factory Suzuki.

We at DMXS could not be more giddy right now. We send out thousands of invitations every year in hopes of improving our odds of actually landing a date to the Georgia Vidalia Sweet Onion Harvest Dance, but this year we had two ladies RSVP… much to our surprise. The lovely and beautiful Erin Bates and Jamie Little will be taking the hay ride with us. Jamie left some big shoes to fill in our sport but Erin Bates has done an awesome job with the mic this year in SX and of course stepping up for the nationals as well. Her knowledge of the sport and its riders is apparent and we are lucky to have her in front of the camera as much as possible. Check out for an informative breakdown on how to run across a rutted SX track in high heels. Matt the Intern is the stunt model in the photos.

Jamie’s broadcasting career has ascended exponentially since moving on. She is now covering the Indy Car Series for ABC/ESPN which includes the world renowned Indianapolis 500. Jamie has never forgotten her roots in our sport and is still a fan and attends races when her schedule permits. We have a lot to discuss about our big dance coming up and look forward to welcoming her back on the show. Jamie does a great job of updating her website and responding to her fans, so check out

Even though SX is over, WWR is still fighting the good fight for the privateers in our sport. Scott Kandel will have Chris Pugrag and the popular Joe Oehlhof on the show tonight as the Most Improved Privateers from last week. Each of the riders will receive a check in the amount of $500.00 for their efforts. Power to the Privateer! You can check out www.wonderwarthogracing for the latest auctions and how you can help.