Dream On…MC at Anaheim

Our main man Swap went out for a mini tour of the Supercross test tracks in nearby Corona, CA, today, and you’ll never believe what flashed before his eyes. MC—yes , Jeremy McGrath—was testing and making adjustments to Ernesto Fonseca’s CR250R two-stroke at the Honda test track. At the time we didn’t have any type of “official report,” but with RC, and now Ernie, out with blown up knees, Honda hasn’t a single 250cc rider left in their camp. If MC were going to come back to racing, even if just for one event, our guess would be that his backyard of Anaheim would be the place. Honda’s Team Manager Erik Kehoe was later contacted, however, and while chuckling stated, “No… Jeremy is definitely not racing! We received some new engine settings from Japan, and with all of our guys injured, we hired MC to help us out.” Oh well… It looked hopeful for a while…although stranger things have happened? So for all you McGrath fans that plan on attending Anaheim Three this weekend, keep your fingers crossed, for the King could be in the building.