Dunlop Announces Long-Term Agreements With Major U.S. Road-Racing Teams

Buffalo, NY:  Dunlop Motorcycle Tires is proud to announce that the foremost teams in America’s AMA road racing series have all agreed to compete on Dunlop tires through the end of the 2009 season. The teams involved include: American Honda, Yoshimura Suzuki, Kawasaki Motors U.S., Yamaha Motors U.S., Graves Motorsports and Erion Racing.

With this agreement in place, Dunlop can continue to concentrate its focus on tire development in the AMA series, bringing to bear its full array of technological resources for new tire development over the next two seasons. Such a commitment will bear mutually beneficial results for Dunlop and all of these racing teams, as well as for all Dunlop consumers. The development of Dunlop racing tires has a direct influence on the design of new and innovative products for street riders.

Dunlop has steadfastly maintained a decades-long commitment to road racing in the United States, and this new agreement underscores the confidence that the premier AMA teams place in this vital partnership. As the record books demonstrate, this confidence in Dunlop racing tires is well founded: through the 2007 season, racers on Dunlop tires have won 22 Superbike championships in 32 years, including the last 18 in a row; 21 of 21 Supersport championships; 10 of 11 Formula Xtreme championships; and every Superstock championship since the inception of this class in 2004. And now this partnership of mutual success is on track for continuing achievements over the next two seasons.

David Watkins, Dunlop Motorcycle Racing Manager, explained the importance of the working relationship between Dunlop and these teams. “The many years Dunlop has devoted to supporting AMA racing has resulted in superior tires and many championships, but perhaps just as important is the extraordinary level of communication and teamwork we enjoy with all these teams. With this two-year commitment, we now look forward to introducing more technological innovations and continued improvement in tire performance at the highest levels.”

“It has been said the AMA Superbike series is the most competitive national series in the world,” said Dunlop Vice President Mike Buckley,  “and we are proud of the prominent standing Dunlop has earned over the years in AMA road racing. Dunlop has made a concerted effort to support road racing in the United States, and our success has contributed to the success of all these major racing teams for decades. This agreement signals our unwavering commitment to bring new and improved products to racers and all motorcycle riders in the USA.”