DVS Moto Team Update


X Games 12 came and went! Between Moto Best Trick, Freestyle, Step Up, and Super Moto, it was a pretty hectic four days for the moto team. Majority of the moto extreme X madness took place at the Home Depot Center in Carson while Best Trick was over at Staples Center in LA.

So here’s the breakdown:

DVS came through with a couple of medals in moto with two of its most recently signed riders.

Matt Buyten took gold in Step Up! He’s had three shoulder surgeries in a year, was riding with a bum ankle from a flip crash, and was able to ride through the pain and get it done for a gold. In 2003, he was awarded rookie of the year, and 2004 he won 10 IFMA series events. He was sidelined for several months with a major shoulder injury but now he’s healthy and back, as he proved at the games.

Blake “Bilko Williams took home a bronze medal in Moto Best Trick by pulling a ‘cliff hanger back-flip.’ He’s the first person to land this trick. As well, he’s the first freestyler to compete at X Games on a 4 stroke. The Ozzy kid from way down under hails from Baxter, near Melbourne, Australia. He came to America to live his dream to ride with the best Freestyle riders in the world. You’re going to be seeing more of this kid. Check out Bilko’s interview at www.dvsmoto.com.

In other X Games happenings, Ronnie Faisst was having a top three run in Freestyle and unfortunately crashed doing a 360 back-flip. Luckily, he was able to walk away with only sprains, scrapes and bruises.

Carey Hart rode solid in Super Moto placing 14th amongst the best super moto riders in the world.

A big congrats to all the guys!

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