Dyno Prt Big Volume Factory Pipe and Cheater Silencer


After reading some rave reviews on the Dyno Port Big Volume Pipe and Cheater Silencer on various Internet message boards, we decided to find out what the hype was all about. Actually getting ahold of a pipe proved to be a hassle, as no one answered the phone and the company’s web site was crashed. Fortunately, a local shop near the office had one in stock for a ’01 Honda CR250R.

Compared to manufacturers like FMF, Pro Circuit and Bill’s Pipes, Dyno Port is not a big pipe manufacturer. However, they pride themselveson high quality craftsmanship and a wide range of products designed to suit riders of all skill levels. We were disappointed with the overall construction and fit of the Dyno Port pipe, though, as it definitely looked hand-made and was not nearly as polished as those from bigger manufacturers. Furthermore, it was difficult to install and the fit left much to be desired. Getting the silencer to line up with the muffler and the mounting brackets required some elbow grease.

On the track, the pipe is more impressive. Low-end power is just as good as stock and there is a little more mid-range pull. Up top is where the pipe lags, as power signs off early and flattens out, forcing you to grab another gear. Another gripe we had was with the raspy sound of the Cheater Silencer. A little on the loud side, we would rather stick to stock.

As a matter of fact, the entire stock system is probably a better choice for all but the least experienced beginners, who may need a mellower powerband. In the end, we learned that credibility of Internet message board authors is to be questioned. Under the guise of anonymity, anyone can post what they want. When it comes to a CR250R pipe, stick to the stock or FMF SST units for real performance. Still interested? Call 315/253-9631.