The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship spent its second week on the East Coast with round four of the 2013 series at High Point Raceway. Storm fronts soaked the Pennsylvania course earlier in the week and made the already challenging course even more technical. Low sections of the track were predictably soft and countless ruts were carved around the entire layout. Clearer skies and scattered sunshine helped the track dry, but it was still a test for the best racers in the world.

 450 Motocross Championship

450 Moto One

Team Honda Muscle Milk's Justin Barcia slid to the inside of Ryan Villopoto in the first turn to take the holeshot, but a poor line choice just corners later allowed the Monster Energy Kawasaki racer to overtake the lead. With a clear track ahead, Villopoto was able to gap the field immediately and built a seven second lead over Barcia in a matter of laps. The 450 rookie soon had company in defending champion Ryan Dungey, who quickly charged from outside the top five to the Barcia's rear fender. The Red Bull KTM racer spent a lap setting up a pass on Barcia and pulled the trigger in the valley just before the finish line.

Staying quick, yet in control was key in the first moto of the day. The top layer of the track was incredibly muddy, particularly in the lower portions. Although numerous ruts had developed, most stuck to the same lines and wore the track down to its hard, slick base. Many, like Malcolm Stewart and Justin Barcia, were deceived by the surface and both went down in the early laps. Stewart was running fourth before his crash on an off-chamber corner and would finish 12th, but the gap Barcia had built over fourth place Tyla Rattray allowed him enough time to remount and hold the spot.

The course was no match for Villopoto; he was the only racer in the first 450 moto to post a lap in the 2:08 range and was 14 seconds ahead of Dungey on the final lap. At no point in the race did he seem pressured, hurried, or reckless and this allowed him to claim his sixth moto of the season.

450 Moto One Results
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Justin Barcia
4. Tyla Rattray
5. Josh Grant
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Trey Canard
8. Jake Weimer
9. Phil Nicoletti
10. Mike Alessi
11. Broc Tickle
12. Malcolm Stewart
13. Andrew Short
14. Chad Reed
15. Justin Brayton
16. James Stewart
17. Vince Friese
18. Austin Howell
19. Nick Wey
20. Michael Byrne

450 Moto Two

JGR/Toyota/Yamaha's Josh Grant claimed the holeshot in the second 450 moto over Ryan Dungey, but a wide line around one corner on the second lap allowed the KTM rider by. Dungey's control of the race would be short lived, as James Stewart's inside line and massive launch over the infield double caught the defending champion off guard. Stewart was able to immediately build a three second gap on the pack, thanks in part to three-man fight that erupted between Grant, Dungey, and Ryan Villopoto. Grant passed by Dungey just after Stewart's pass, but was later overtaken by the two Ryans. In just two laps time, Villopoto and Dungey closed in on Stewart, but as the crossed the finish line, it became obvious that something was amiss on Stewart's bike. It was discovered when he pulled into the pit area that his Yoshimura Suzuki had a broken front rotor.

This turn of events created a two-racer showdown for the lead between Villopoto and Dungey. Both riders spent the next laps pushing their personal limits, with RV's times just a touch faster. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider carried his quicker pace longer than Dungey and six seconds ahead of his rival with two laps remaining. Villopoto crossed the finish line nine seconds ahead of the pack to take both his seventh moto win and the overall.

450 Moto Two Results
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Mike Alessi
4. Tyla Rattray
5. Trey Canard
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Justin Barcia
8. Josh Grant
9. Jake Weimer
10. Justin Brayton
11. Broc Tickle
12. Malcolm Stewart
13. Chad Reed
14. Phil Nicoletti
15. Vince Friese
16. Ben LaMay
17. Nick Wey
18. AJ Catanzaro
19. Broc Schmelyun
20. Jacob Hayes

Overall Results
1. Ryan Villopoto (1-1)
2. Ryan Dungey (2-2)
3. Tyla Rattray (4-4)
4. Justin Barcia (3-7)
5. Mike Alessi (10-3)
6. Trey Canard (7-5)
7. Ryan Sipes (6-6)
8. Josh Grant (5-8)
9. Jake Weimer (8-9)
10. Broc Tickle (11-11)
11. Phil Nicoletti (9-14)
12. Malcolm Stewart (12-12)
13. Justin Brayton (15-10)
14. Chad Reed (14-13)
15. Vince Friese (17-15)
16. Andrew Short (13-39)
17. Nick Wey (19-17)
18. Ben LaMay (25-16)
19. James Stewart (16-36)
20. AJ Catanzaro (28-18)
Lucas Oil AMA 450 National Championship Points Standings (After 4 of 12 rounds):
1. Ryan Villopoto (193/7 moto wins)
2. Ryan Dungey (177/1 moto win)
3. Justin Barcia (148)
4. Trey Canard (120)
5. Mike Alessi (116)
6. James Stewart (104)
7. Tyla Rattray (95)
8. Ryan Sipes (79)
9. Jake Weimer (69)
10. Broc Tickle (67)

250 Motocross Championship

250 Moto One

GEICO Honda's Zach Osborne used the same tactic as Barcia off the start and hugged the inside rail to snatch the holeshot from Cole Seely. The Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda rider hustled by Osborne moments into the race, but found a new challenger in Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen. In a matter of turns, Roczen moved from fifth to second and pulled by Seely before the end of the first lap. At the end of the third lap, Roczen was a full three seconds ahead of teammate Marvin Musquin, who had also made a pass on Seely in the opening laps. The technical High Point course suited the former Grand Prix racers and they ran away with the top two positions.

The battle for third place in the order raged on for the majority of the moto and included a number of riders. It began with Seely, but a crash allowed GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle by. Bogle held onto the spot for a number of laps and fended off advances from Osborne and Jason Anderson before both riders sped by. Anderson hounded Osborne for a number of laps and looked for every opportunity to make a pass, but a collision between the two dropped the Rockstar Energy Racing rider out of the top 10. These actions allowed Eli Tomac to become a spoiler; Tomac had climbed from the middle of the running order, passed both riders for third, and then turned his attention to Musquin. By the final lap, the GEICO Honda racer trailed the former world champion by a mere two seconds but ran out of time before a pass attempt was possible.

250 Moto One Results
1. Ken Roczen
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Eli Tomac
4. Blake Baggett
5. Justin Bogle
6. Cooper Webb
7. Kyle Cunningham
8. Darryn Durham
9. Jeremy Martin
10. Zach Osborne
11. Justin Hill
12. Jason Anderson
13. Joey Savatgy
14. Martin Davalos
15. Alex Martin
16. Kyle Peters
17. Justin Starling
18. Jackson Richardson
19. Mitchell Oldenburg
20. Ryan Zimmer

250 Moto Two

Marvin Musquin's second moto was virtually flawless. The Red Bull KTM rider grabbed the holeshot over the other 39 racers, fended off Zach Osborne's strongest charges, and began to pull away from the pack. Osborne was soon locked in a scuffle with Ken Roczen and on lap six, the moto one winner finally claimed the spot. Roczen's laps were the fastest of the race, but the track's bumps and ruts keep the times almost identical to the first moto. With his laps fluctuating anywhere from a quarter of a second to a full second quicker than Musquin's, Roczen closed on his teammate. A two second gap separated the two on the final lap, but Musquin's lead was too much to overcome. His second moto win was enough to edge Roczen for the overall, his second of the season.

250 Moto Two Results
1. Marvin Musquin
2. Ken Roczen
3. Zach Osborne
4. Eli Tomac
5. Joey Savatgy
6. Jeremy Martin
7. Jason Anderson
8. Blake Baggett
9. Justin Bogle
10. Martin Davalos
11. Cooper Webb
12. Blake Wharton
13. Justin Hill
14. Cole Seely
15. Dillan Epstein
16. Kyle Cunningham
17. Jackson Richardson
18. Kyle Peters
19. Ryan Zimmeer
20. Brady Kiesel

Overall Results
1. Marvin Musquin (2-1)
2. Ken Roczen (1-2)
3. Eli Tomac (3-4)
4. Zach Osborne (10-3)
5. Blake Baggett (4-8)
6. Justin Bogle (5-9)
7. Jeremy Martin (9-6)
8. Cooper Webb (6-11)
9. Joey Savatgy (13-5)
10. Jason Anderson (12-7)
11. Kyle Cunningham (7-16)
12. Martin Davalos (14-10)
13. Justin Hill (11-13)
14. Darryn Durham (8-34)
15. Blake Wharton (35-12)
16. Kyle Peters (16-18)
17. Jackson Richardson (18-17)
18. Cole Seely (34-14)
19. Dillan Epstein (23-15)
20. Alex Martin (15-36)
Lucas Oil AMA 250 National Championship Points Standings (After 4 of 12 rounds):
1. Ken Roczen (185/5 moto wins)
2. Eli Tomac (170/2 moto wins)
3. Marvin Musquin (163/1 moto win)
4. Blake Baggett (141)
5. Zach Osborne (127)
6. Jason Anderson (100)
7. Cooper Webb (90)
8. Justin Bogle (89)
9. Jeremy Martin (88)
10. Kyle Cunningham (81)

WMX Championship

Mackenzie Tricker grabbed the holeshot in the first WMX moto of the day, but veteran Jessica Patterson wasted no time pressuring the Georgia racer for the lead. A mistake by Tricker let Patterson by for the lead and with a clear track ahead, the mulit-time champion built what ultimately became an eight-second gap over Sayaka Kaneshiro and Tricker in the first moto. Patterson took the lead in the second moto over Kaneshiro early on and doubled her lead margin of victory. Issues between motos kept Tricker from lining up for the final race and dropped her overall finish to 11th.

Overall Results
1. Jessica Patterson (1-1)
2. Sayaka Kaneshiro (2-2)
3. Taylor Higgins (5-3)
4. Sara Pettersson (6-4)
5. Marissa Markelon (7-5)
6. Jacqueline Strong (4-9)
7. Sade Allender (9-7)
8. Amanda Brown (8-8)
9. Lindsey Palmer (11-6)
10. Shelby Rolen (11-6)
11. Mackenzie Tricker (3-30)
12. Chelsea Newbold (14-10)
13. Kayle Solheid (15-12)
14. Kaylynn Kotlar (12-15)
15. April Zastrow (13-16)
16. Jessie Wharton (17-14)
17. Sydney Dickson (21-13)
18. Grace Majkowski (18-17)
19. Abbrielle Targelli (19-18)
20. Tonya Mantsch (16-22)
WMX Outdoor Championship Points Standings (After 2 of 3 rounds)
1. Sayaka Kaneshiro (86pts)
2. Jessica Patterson (72)
3. Taylor Higgins (72)
4. Jacqueline Strong (61)
5. Sara Pettersson (58)
6. Mackenzie Tricker (55)
7. Courtney Duncan (50)
8. Amanda Brown (44)
9. Lindsey Palmer (42)
10. Sade Palmer (41)