Eastern Leg Of CMRC Canadian Motocross Championships Kicks Off

Stouffville, ON (07/13/05) ¿ After barnstorming the western provinces, and a two week break in the schedule, the five-round eastern leg of the CMRC Canadian Motocross Championships kicks off this weekend at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, ON. The MX1 title hunt picks up with Round 5 of the series ¿ the MX2 East Championship clicks into gear with Round 1 of the four-round points chase.

Canada¿s best pro motocrossers will once again take on each other and a contingent of American riders in the quest for the MX1 and MX2 East Championship crowns. Although six of the top-10 MX1 positions are currently occupied by the Americans, Craig Decker (2nd); Gavin Gracyk (3rd); Keith Johnson (4th); Damon Huffman (5th); Evan Laughridge (9th); and Mike Treadwell (10th) the man at the head of the pack is defending MX1 Champion Jean Sebastien Roy. The Quebec native has totally dominated the premier 250cc class for the past four seasons and shows no signs of letting up this year. Roy won the first four rounds of the series, three of them with clean sweeps. In total he has claimed an incredible 45 moto victories and 26 overalls since 2001.

¿The series went well for me out west but everybody is stepping it up and I don¿t expect things to get any easier for the rest of the championship,¿ said Roy. ¿I¿m confident in my abilities but I¿m not complacent just because I¿ve got a bit of a points lead. It¿s never over until it¿s over.¿    

In the MX2 East Championship, the rider to beat will be defending champion Donnie McGourty (Blackfoot Racing Honda). Although the Florida native is favoured to repeat as champ, he¿ll have his hands full with a number of fellow Americans including Matt Barnes, Chad Johnson and Josh Snider. Also in the mix looking to dethrone McGourty will be Canadian hotshoes Pierce Chamberlain, Ryan Lockhart, Doug DeHaan and Chuck Mesley.

¿I¿m excited to be going back to Canada to defend my title. I learned a lot last year and I believe I¿ve got a good shot at winning again,¿ said McGourty. ¿I know it¿s going to be tough, though. It¿s a short series so you can¿t make mistakes. It¿s going to take good rides and consistency every time out there.¿

Racing action gets underway with qualifying heats on Saturday, July 16th. The first moto of the MX2 East Championship starts at 11:00AM, Sunday, July 17th.

WEEKEND FORMAT (Schedule may alter to accommodate event requirements).

9:30am ¿ 9:45am MX2 Pro/Am practice ¿ group 1
9:45am ¿ 10:00am MX2 Pro/Am practice ¿ group 2
10:00am ¿ 10:15am MX1 Pro practice ¿ group 1
10:15am ¿ 10:30am MX1 Pro practice – group 2
10:35am ¿ 11:00am Track Maintenance
11:15am – 11:30am MX2 Pro/Am practice ¿ group 1
11:30am ¿ 11:45pm MX2 Pro/Am practice ¿ group 2
11:45am ¿ 12:00pm MX1 Pro practice ¿ group 1
12:00pm ¿ 12:15pm MX1 Pro practice ¿ group 2
12:15am ¿ 1:00pm Lunch Break/Track Maintenance

1:00 pm ¿ 1:15 pm MX2 Pro/Am ¿ Qualifier #1
1:20 pm ¿ 1:35 pm MX2 Pro/Am ¿ Qualifier #2
1:40pm – 1:55pm MX2 Pro/Am ¿ Qualifier #3 (if necessary)
2:00pm ¿ 2:15pm MX1 Pro ¿ Qualifier #1
2:20pm ¿ 2:35pm MX1 Pro ¿ Qualifier #2
2:40pm ¿ 2:55pm MX1 Pro ¿ Qualifier #3 (if necessary)
3:00 pm ¿ 3:25pm Track Maintenance
3:30pm – 3:40pm MX2 Pro/Am ¿ Last Chance Qualifier
3:50pm ¿ 4:00pm MX1 Pro ¿ Last Chance Qualifier

8:00 am ¿ 8:15 am Rider¿s Meeting
8:30 am ¿ 8:45 am MX2 Pro/Am Practice
8:50 am ¿ 9:05 pm MX1 Pro Practice
9:10 am &ndassh; 9:30 am Support Class(es) – Practice
9:30 am ¿ 10:10 am Track Maintenance
10:10 am ¿ 10:25 am Support Class
10:40 am – 10:50 am Opening Ceremonies
10:50 am ¿ 10:55 am MX2 Pro/Am Hot Lap

11:00 am ¿ 11:30 am MX2 Pro/Am – Moto # 1

11:35 am ¿ 11:55 am Support Class(es)
12:05 pm ¿ 12:10 pm MX1 Pro Hot Lap

12:15 pm ¿ 12:50 pm MX1 Pro – Moto # 1 

12:50 pm ¿ 1:30 pm Track Maintenance/Lunch
1:30 pm ¿ 2:00 pm Freestyle
2:15 pm ¿ 2:20 pm MX2 Pro/Am Hot Lap

2:25 pm ¿ 2:55 pm MX2 Pro/Am – Moto # 2

3:00 pm ¿ 3:20 pm Support Class(es)
3:40 pm ¿ 3:45 pm MX1 Pro Hot Lap

3:50 pm ¿ 4:25 pm MX1 Pro – Moto # 2