El Cajon MX

The County is trying to vacate us on August 15th even though they have the ability to keep us at our current location longer. Talks with the County have gone nowhere and it is time to take action. Television coverage is being looked into and legal options are being examined, but we need you so show your support.

Please personalize one of the attached letters or type your own and send. Please drop off a copy at the track or e-mail them to devin@elcajonmx.com for my records.

You can drop off the original at the track and we will send them in if you like.

Thanks for all your support.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob & All San Diego County Board of Supervisors
County Administration Center
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92101

I am a resident of the County of San Diego and enjoy going to the El Cajon Motocross Park to participate in the sport of motocross. Having a facility in the County of San Diego has been instrumental in keeping me physically and mentally fit. I have made numerous friends at the facility and consider it a part of my weekly routine. Due to the future closing of the El Cajon Motocross Park I will have nowhere to legally enjoy the sport of motocross. Kids and parents who have chosen motocross as their sport of choice will be forced to ride on public property or someone elses private property.  This will cause unsafe conditions for the rider and the property owner.  There will be no organization regulating the riders, no medical employees on site to help if an accident occurs, no insurance in place to protect the land owner from liability. The people who cannot afford their own private property to ride on and who do not want to break the law, will no longer enjoy their sport or be forced to drive over two hours to the closest motocross tracks in Riverside County.   

The San Diego County General Plan includes a Recreation Element which recognizes the need for off-road vehicle facilities in San Diego County as a valid form of recreation and education. It specifically talks about small competition facilities (motocross) as filling this need. The County Plan even notes that San Diego County should provide two acres of off-road vehicle use area for every 1,000 people in the County. Under current population numbers that would be over 6,000 acres. We currently have six permitted acres for the sport of motocross, and that will soon go away.

The General Plan was adopted in 1972. Since then we have built millions of new homes, hundreds of thousands of businesses, thousands of freeways, streets and roads, hundreds of parks and open space preserves, and not one motocross facility. It is time to change the focus of the Countys planning to include the policies it adopted in 1972.

I hope you will keep the El Cajon Motocross Park in its current location as long as possible and work with them to find a permanent location.