EVS SC02 Knee/Shin Guards

PRICE: $60.00

Remember when all motocross pants used to come with a set of plastic knee/shin guards? Nowadays, only a few manufacturers include this vital protection component with their pants–not because they are being cheap¿but because many serious riders opt for a set of knee braces and toss the knee/shin guards anyway.

EVS Sports produces several different excellent knee braces, but realizing that braces aren’t for everyone, they have developed what is likely the most comfortable set of knee/shin guards on the market. Rather than utilizing hard plastic and elastic straps, EVS opted to go with a wrap-around neoprene design. Four big, beefy Velcro closures keep the guards in place, and they stay snugly in position. The hard, high-impact plastic panels in the knee and shin area offer excellent protection.

The SC02’s only downfall lies in the neoprene construction. Though quite comfortable and effective at providing a secure fit, the neoprene feels a little warm at first, especially in summer months. Like knee braces, they require a little bit of getting used to.

Worn by most of the top freestyle riders, the EVS SC02 knee/shin guards are also used and endorsed by 125cc National Champion Travis Pastrana. If you wanna be like Travis, call 800/222-4387, or visit www.evs-sports.com