EVS “Vision” Youth Knee Brace

EVS Sports continues to set high standards in the area of knee bracing products with the introduction of the “Vision” Youth knee brace.  At only $199 per pair, the `Vision” knee braces become affordable for all aged riders while providing top of the line protection. 

This easy to use knee brace starts with aluminum dual pivot hinges that are anatomically correct and imitate the flexion and extension motions of the knee.  The “Vision” provides superb bilateral protection and stability, along with superior hyperextension control.  Impact resistant thigh and calf panels are lined with anti-slip sharkskin neoprene to give this brace the highest comfort level of any knee brace. There is no excuse not to wear knee braces with the EVS “Vision” knee brace on the market.


  • Comfortable wrap around thigh attachment for proper fit
  • Fits great in all MX boots
  • Easy on / off design with single calf and thigh straps
  • Full coverage knee cup prevents patella injuries
  • Low wear hinge cover material protects pants and graphics

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Versatile protection at an affordable price¿don’t ride without braces!

“Vision Youth Knee” Brace Specifics

*Sold as a pair only*

Cost: $199.00

Sizes: 2 available ¿ Youth Medium and Youth Large

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