Faction MX opens for business!

Dedicated to 4-stroke development, Faction MX is excited to open its door for business!  Engineered for performance and reliability, Faction MX produces the highest quality Chrome-Silicon valve springs, Ti retainers, Ti valves, Stainless Steel valves and is the ONLY manufacturer of machined valve locks.  Expect this list of outstanding products to grow quickly, as Faction MX wants you to have the best for your 4-stroke!  Visit www.factionmx.com for more info and to place orders. 

Faction MX valve spring features:

Design Technology:

Faction MX valve springs have been designed using the latest harmonics technology, manufacturing techniques and material available today.  The first step in the design of a valve spring starts with a review of the cam lobe shape.  We digitized the most commonly used camshafts and the harmonic signatures of each were compared and taken into consideration during the design procedure.  Every camshaft profile will exhibit its own unique harmonic signature.  For this reason, Faction MX uses a progressively wound spring design, which has no recognizable natural frequency. 


Faction MX springs are crafted from the ultimate in High-Tech ¿Super Clean¿ Chrome Silicon spring wire.  We selected this material because of its high level of fatigue resistance, which is a major consideration where consistency and durability are a must.

Manufacturing Technology:

Each valve spring is coiled on a state of the art Computer Controlled spring coiling machine.  This insures that each spring meets our rigid standards and also provides consistency from spring to spring and batch to batch.  Most valve springs on the market today are sold right off the coiling machine.  At Faction MX we take a more thorough approach.  Each spring is finished using our proprietary surface compaction procedure that helps to extend the service life of the valve spring.

Thank you,

Bill Weppner
Faction MX