Factory Connection Honda “Team” Holeshot Starting Device

APPLICATION: Tested on the 2006 Honda CRF450R

PRICE: $104.95


WHAT IT IS: This holeshot device is Factory Connection’s newest design and is nearly a copy of the one Team Honda uses on their factory bikes. It is made from 6061 T6 aluminum and is designed to improve starts by lowering the front end and giving more traction to the rear wheel. It works by simply pressing the button in, which then pushes a plunger out that locks onto the ring mounted on the fork tube. Once the forks are compressed again, usually under braking, the plunger pops out of the ring, freeing the fork to move up and down.

HITS: This device is one of the best-looking and durable ones out there. The raised sides of the button help protect it, and the three point mounting design holds the device firmly in place. As for the actual function, we were impressed. The concept of a holeshot device is to limit the wheeling effect, and the Factory Connection piece does just that. We were able to keep the traction to the ground and track much straighter right off the line, and when it came time for it to unhook, there were no glitches.

MISSES: Holeshot devices are intended for use during dirt starts. While you can use them on a concrete pad, it doesn’t achieve the same effect. You already don’t wheelie off of a concrete pad, so there is no reason to use it. While this isn’t a miss by any means, we want to point this out, simply because most amateur and local level starting pads are concrete. For amateurs, this device just doesn’t seem essential.

THE VERDICT: When starting on dirt, this Factory Connection holeshot device is one of the best around. It helps to limit wheeling and increase traction, which are two of the most important factors to a good start.

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