Valencia, CA (8/16/04) – Factory Effex is proud to announce the addition of DX1, a complete line of custom preprinted number plate backgrounds and complete custom graphics.

For the past few years, the trend for number plate backgrounds has changed. While the need for precut backgrounds and numbers has always been strong, it’s hard to ignore the fact that preprinted number plate backgrounds rule the track. The Factory Effex DX1 brand will now offer customers a new choice for their number plate backgrounds.

With 3 different styles and several designs to choose from, DX1 has options for every rider’s taste. The look and quality of the product is exceptional. The material is 18 mil thick, which is the thickest available in the market. We also offer a 48 hour* printing guarantee. If your order isn’t shipped within 2 business days, the product is free of charge.

The goal for DX1 was to offer a better alternative in the preprinted background business. Not only is the material and printing much better than what is currently available in the marketplace, we also feel the designs DX1 offers are much more appealing to the average customer, said Scott Gilly, Factory Effex V.P. of Sales. “When you go to any track, you see the custom preprinted number plates are everywhere. Most riders don’t want to hassle with putting backgrounds on their bike, then lining up numbers. There’s an obvious need for this product and although there are already solutions available, we felt that the DX1 brand would make a significant impact on the market. We have spent the last several months developing this brand, the product, the marketing and everything that’s involved. This is a product line that we have spent over a year developing with the goal in mind to offer the very best in number plate backgrounds and custom graphics. Factory Effex DX1 will become the standard for custom number plate backgrounds.

In addition, customers will be able to order custom hub stickers with their DX1 backgrounds. The hub stickers come 10 in a pack, and are 1.5 x 1 in size. The hub stickers are a great way to further the custom look of your bike. If ordered in conjunction with any DX1 backgrounds, the price is $19.95. If ordered separately, the price is $29.95 per pack.

The DX1 line of preprinted number plate background includes three styles, each with 2-4 designs ranging in price from $49.95 to $59.95. Hub stickers range from $19.95 to $29.95.

An aggressive dealer program has been developed as well, and we welcome all dealer inquiries, said Gilly. “We want to take advantage of our relationship with our dealer network and not exclude them from the opportunity DX1 can bring. Dealer pricing and ordering information is available by calling Factory Effex at 800-866-0709.

While the DX1 brand will initially focus on preprinted number plate backgrounds and hub stickers we will be announcing a program to include complete custom design for other applications as well. You will be able to customize tank/radiator shroud decals, as well as all trim including front fender, rear fender, lower fork, and Swingarm decals. This program will begin September 1, 2004.

To help market and sell the Factory Effex DX1 brand, we have also completed a DX1 section on the Factory Effex website. Customers will be able to choose which series and design they want and customize backgrounds the way they want them printed. The site offers fully secure e-commerce shopping and online order tracking.

*48 hour shipping is two (2) business days.

Visit our website at or call our toll-free number at (800) 866-0709 for more details and ordering information.

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