2005 Fantasy Supercross League

West Covina, CA (December 17, 2004) – Fantasy Racer announces the launch of the 2005 Fantasy Supercross League. The fantasy league allows you to be just like the top factory team managers and you can choose who you want to fire and hire on your team. Each rider who participates in the AMA Supercross Series is assigned a fantasy salary in the fantasy league and each team manager is provided a $1 Million fantasy budget to go out and acquire a team of riders.

Prizes are available to each round winner and overall prizes are awarded to the top overall finishers at the end of the season. The 2005 2005 Fantasy Supercross League has also added a new prize category this year that guarantees that each team has a 1/100 chance of winning. For every 100 entries a PlayStation2 console game will be awarded. Some other prizes are being offered from Renthal, THQ and Genuine Suzuki Accessories. Sponsorships are still available so if you are interested in sponsoring any of the fantasy leagues please contact Fantasy Racer.

Fantasy Racer is a company offering fantasy racing leagues for the motorcycle racing enthusiast at FRC does not limit itself to one form of racing but instead offers a diverse range of racing disciplines like Supercross, Motocross and Superbike fantasy leagues. Fantasy Racer may also add to its diverse lineup in 2005 by offering Supermoto, Flat Track, Moto GP and other fantasy leagues.

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