Fasst Company’s American-Made Anti-vibration Bar Inserts

Greatly reduces fatigue by stopping vibration felt at the hands

  • Used by many top professionals
  • Made of brass with an elastomer expansion joint
  • Mounted inside the handlebars-not visible from outside the bar
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • MSRP: $49.95
  • Since 1999 Fasst Company’s Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts have been used by top professionals to help achieve their goal of winning championships. The high quality, American Made inserts are constructed out of brass with an elastomer expansion joint mounted inside of the handlebar. With the end cap diameter of 7/8 you simply slide them in the bar and your throttle and grip completely cover them. The Inserts help to reduce the vibration of the bike that you feel through the handlebars as well as eliminate the “twanging feeling you get in your hands when you bottom metal to metal. This reduction in vibration translates into less fatigue and numbness in your arms and hands.

    The Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts fit most popular regular, taper wall and twin wall aluminum bars.

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    Photo Gallery: http://www.fasstco.com/imagelibrary/october06/barInserts/index.html