Fasst Company’s American Made Rear Brake Clevis

Fasst Company’s American Made rear brake clevis is designed to eliminate the “play in the OEM pedal set up. For the past decade every “Factory Team has made one off clevis’ to eliminate the play, our clevis offers the same performance benefits without the commitment to a big dollar contract and trophy girls that the “factory contract comes with! The Fasst Company rear brake clevis is manufactured out of billet aluminum and utilizes a stainless pivot pin and bushing. The pivot pin is specifically designed to fit the bushing in the OEM rear pedal virtually eliminating all play felt through the pedal. Anodized red or blue depending on the make of bike the Fasst Company American made clevis retails for $53.95.

For more information contact Fasst Company at:

3015 East South Street
Long Beach, CA. 90805
(562) 601-8119

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