Fasst Company’s American Made Rim Lock Spacers

Fasst Company’s American Made machined aluminum Rim Lock Spacers were designed to evenly spread the load over the rim and help prevent dirt and grime from entering the rim lock hole. The Rim Lock Spacers give the wheel that “factory look, which is fitting since the majority of factory and factory support teams since 1999 have used Fasst Company’s Rim Lock Spacers. The Rim Lock Spacers come two in a package, and also contain flanged nuts for that factory finish.

  • Retail: $12.99
  • Universal fit
  • Used by the majority of factory teams.
  • Colors:
    Anodized red
    Anodized blue
    Anodized black
    Natural aluminum

For more information contact Fasst Company at:
3015 East South Street,
Long Beach, CA. 90805
(562) 601-8119