Former jetski Champion and motocross enthusiast Victor Sheldon (right) is the man behind the Quick N’ Dirty series. Here, him and Troy Lee hangout at one of the Quick N’ Dirty events. Next week, May 28th, will mark this year’s season opener.

Cross-country mountain biking is a great form of training for motocross. Throughout the years, numerous professional motocrossers have used mountain biking as a huge part of their training program, hitting the trails after pounding out motos at the track. And over the past few seasons, mountain biking has truly seen resurgence in popularity, both with motocross racers and non-racers alike. One person that has taken this and run with it is former pro jet skier and avid motohead Victor Sheldon.

Motocross riders have long been into mountain biking, and many of them have shown up to compete in a Quick N’ Dirty event, including Jeremy McGrath (far right).

After recognizing the popularity of mountain biking, Sheldon decided to create a series of his own, allowing anyone of any skill level to race a series that is both easy to enter and doesn't require a huge time commitment. "We created the Quick N' Dirty series to give riders a chance to get some midweek competition, while still keeping it cost-effective and fun," Sheldon explains. "I've always felt that mountain biking is the best training for moto, and racing is the best way to improve your fitness. There's nothing like being on the start line. The series also introduces new enthusiasts to mountain biking."
Taking place during the summer when the days are longer, the races are held on Wednesday nights, allowing even business professionals who work during the day to participate. And Sheldon says the courses are a short mix of fun trails that will keep you on your toes, "The races are held in the Bernado Bay Natural area of Lake Hodges, near San Diego and at Black Mountain Park," Sheldon says. "The course is a challenging 2.5- or 3.5-mile loop that changes for each event. Each course is a mix of flowing single track, technical rock sections, and a few punchy climbs—with amazing views throughout.

Yes, every winner gets to celebrate on the podium.

As mentioned, The Quick 'N Dirty races are gaining popularity with motocross riders, as the likes of Blake Baggett, Dean Wilson, Johnny O'Mara, Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Hughes and Michael Sleeter have all participated in the series. If you're looking for a quick good time, be sure to enter one of the Quick N' Dirty races this summer.

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