Fastway F3 Lowboy Footpegs

APPLICATION: Available for any late-model bike, shown here on a CRF450R

PRICE: $99.99


When Fastway Performance first broke onto the scene a few years ago, we tested their unique, screw-in spiked footpegs and loved them. Well, the boys at Fastway keep plugging away and have taken their mission of producing affordable, works-style products to a new level with the F3 Lowboy pegs. We were already convinced that no other peg producer in the world offers so many features in a footpeg, but when we saw the sub-$100 price tag, we were really impressed!


The stainless steel F3 model features a three-rail design that virtually eliminates mud buildup, and the peg platform is a ridiculous 2.25 inches wide?the widest we’ve seen. On each rail are holes that accept two different sized screws (both included in the package) that act as the teeth. Choose how much grip you want by selecting either the large or the small screws, add a few drops of loc-tite (also included), tighten down the screws, and you’re ready to ride.

Another cool feature on the Fastway pegs is the FKMS system, which stands for the “Fast Kamber Mounting System.” Basically, the system works by using small shims to adjust the upward or downward tilt of the pegs. In other words, if you want your knees to grip the bike more, simply add a shim or two until you get the desired camber. The Lowboy designation of the pegs we tested on our Honda CRF450R also means that you can choose to lower the pegs on the frame, giving larger riders a bit more cockpit room. Combining the pegs with taller bar mounts can make a cramped RM feel like a roomy KTM, something that can really make your ride more enjoyable.

With all of these attributes going for it, it’s our opinion that the Fastway F3 system is a steal, especially at its new, reduced price of $99.99 (as opposed to its former price of $159.99). Consider Fastway pegs; your feet will be glad you did. Call 503/244-8368, or visit