Ferry Back on YZ450F Four-Stroke in San Diego

Team Yamaha’s Tim Ferry just phoned the TransWorld Motocross offices to inform us that he is fit and ready to race this weekend at Qualcomm Stadium. After suffering a scary crash at last weekend’s Anaheim III event, Red Dog spent the night and much of Sunday afternoon at the hospital for observation. “When I crashed, I hit my head and my stomach really hard,” said Ferry. “The doctors put me through a bunch of tests to make sure I was okay. They wanted me to stay through until Monday, but I told them that there was no way. I hate hospitals.”


Ferry sustained a bruised lower intestine, which “bound my stomach up.” Until today, Ferry has been on a doctor-prescribed liquid diet. “Soup, soup and more soup,” said the likable Floridian. “Today was basically the first day that I could eat regular foods.”

Ferry returned to the track today, spending the afternoon testing his familiar Yamaha YZ450F race bike. Having spent last weekend aboard a two-stroke YZ250, Ferry will return to his four-stroke race bike this weekend in San Diego. “The doctors just released me to ride today, and I felt great,” he said. “The jetting problems we were having before Anaheim III have been completely remedied. Kelly Smith tested with my mechanic Steve Matthes all week long and they got the thing running like a champ. Kelly ended up going in a radically different direction, and it made the bike run great; better than it’s ever run. I can’t wait to get back on the 450 and race it this weekend.”


When we questioned Ferry about his weekend aboard the two-stroke YZ250, commenting that he didn’t look very comfortable on it, he replied, “Yeah, I know. I felt great on it, and I was actually faster on it at the Yamaha test track, but there was no way I could realistically get comfortable on it after only one day of testing. Before then, the last time I had ridden a 250 two-stroke was back in 2000! I would need a month to get used to riding a two-stroke again.”

Interestingly enough, Ferry admitted that his crash at Anaheim III may have been due to his unfamiliarity with the YZ250. “I think that could have been part of it,” he said. “You have to ride the two bikes so differently. My timing was off, that’s for sure.”

Because he crashed out at Anaheim III, Ferry slipped from third in the series point standings to fifth, eight points behind Ezra Lusk and David Vuillemin, who are tied for third. “At this point, I want to get out there and ride as hard as I can,” said Ferry. “I still have a shot at this championship, and I feel great on my bike.”