Ferry Injured Again


In his heat race at the Phoenix Supercross at Bank One Ballpark, Ferry cased a jump and went flying over the handlebars. His chest took the brunt of the impact and he was left on the side of the track gasping for air with blood coming from his mouth.

Ferry headed straight for the local hospital, where he was diagnosed with two badly bruised lungs and kept overnight for observation. Taking the doctor’s advice, Ferry elected to drive back to his temporary base in Southern California, rather than fly.

“The doctors said that I shouldn’t fly yet, so I’m driving back to Orange County,” said Ferry from his cellular phone. “It’s really hard for me to take deep breaths right now and I am super sore.”

Ferry plans to return to his home in Florida later this week, so he may visit his regular doctors.

“I’m tired of being hurt, so I am going to take a few weeks and try to get back to where I was before my knee injury,” said Ferry.

When up to full speed, Ferry is definitely capable of winning. With any luck, we’ll get to see Red Dog in top form before the series hits the final stretch.