First Annual Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Holiday GP This Sunday

Despite what you may think, there is no better way to spend the holiday season than at the track. Just like those Hallmark commercials, a day at the track has friends, family, and roaring fires, but is even better because there is racing involved. To better get into the holiday spirit, the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series will hold our first annual holiday GP this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway. The GP will take place on Sunday, with 35 classes being run over the course of seven motos. Combined with the final round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Fall Cup being run on Sunday, it creates a full weekend of racing.

There will be classes for riders of all ages, skill, and size at the Holiday GP, including minis, vintage bikes, women, 250/450, and the all-new “Clydesdale” division. What is the Clydesdale class, you ask?  It is for riders of a bigger size, 220lbs or more, and will run in the first moto of the day. Like we said, classes for all ages, skills, and sizes….

To close the day, we have the Team GP where two-rider teams will battle for final bragging rights over the course of a 60-minute run. Don’t have friends? Then run the 60-minutes solo for the Ironman title.

Grand Prix Entry Details

1st class $35, Mini's $30, 2nd class $20, Team Race $35 (2 riders or Ironman)
*Team Race is not considered a "second class," however Ironman is.
No Race Series Membership required
No spark arrester or green sticker required

Race Day Schedule

Parade lap at 8am

1st GP - 45 Minutes
50-60+ Beginner
50-60+ Novice
Women Beginner
Women Novice
Policeman/Fireman Beginner - Novice
Clydesdale (220lbs and up)
Open Vintage

2nd GP - 45 Minutes
250F Novice
250F Intermediate
250F Expert
30+ Intermediate
30+ Expert

3rd GP - 45 Minutes
250F Beginner
30+ Beginner
30+ Novice
50-60+ Intermediate
50-60+ Expert

Parade lap at 11:30am

4th GP - 35 Minutes
Beginner 65cc - 0-8 yrs
65cc - 9-11 yrs 65cc
Beginner 85/150F
85/150F - 0-12 yrs
85/150F - 13-16 yrs

5th GP - 45 Minutes
450F Beginner
450F Novice
40+ Beginner
40+ Novice
Policeman/Fireman Int thru Exp

6th GP - 45 Minutes
450 Intermediate
450 Expert
40+ Intermediate
40+ Expert
Women Intermediate
Women Expert

7th GP - 60 Minutes
Two-Rider Team Race


About Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series
Owned and operated by TransWorld Motocross, this race series runs annually and consists of four, 6-race series (Winter Cup, Spring Cup, Summer Cup, and Fall Cup) totaling 24 races, all of which include riders of varying ages and ranges of experience from beginner to pro levels. The series title sponsor is Muscle Milk. Associate sponsors include: Bell Helmets, BTO Sports, and One Industries. Affiliate sponsors include: Asterisk, BRAKING, Farmer John, Leatt, Metal Mulisha, New Era Caps, Oakley, Works Connection, etnies, MTA, Yamaha, FMF Racing, Kal-Gard. Racing classes include PeeWee, Minis, 250s, 450s, Girls/Women, 25+ and Vet. Go online to for more information about the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series.

Series Sponsors
Muscle Milk
BTO Sports
One Industries
Farmer John
New Era
Metal Mulisha
Works Connection

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