First Ever Motocross Motion Picture Magazine ¿Lens Moto¿ To Launch Worldwide

Lake Elsinore, CA (April 13, 2004) Lens Moto, the first ever motocross, supercross and freestyle motocross four-time annual motion picture magazine focusing on the culture, lifestyle, personalities and exclusive events of the sport, announces its launch worldwide.

Lens Moto reveals the athlete underneath the helmet and offers a unique and personal glimpse into the lives of the world¿s best motocross athletes, celebrities, musicians, artists and companies as well as creatively covering the world most elite events all in a quarterly DVD format that will include a bonus feature film at the end of each year.

¿With the motocross, supercross, and freestyle motocross industry reaching an all time high in attendance and television viewing records, we wanted to represent motocross in a manner that will help the sport advance in the right direction and continue gaining popularity among the athletes and non-riding fans alike¿ stated President, Bryan Pinheiro. VP and industry veteran Ryan Leyba adds, ¿Motocross is quickly being labeled as the worlds most elite sport.  With our background and true underground connection and also the industry¿s best cinematography, editing and graphic design, we feel that Lens Moto brings a chic and tasteful look into the thriving culture of the world¿s best sport.¿

¿From being a professional fmx rider and experiencing the motocross industry first hand, I have been able to view the sport and the personalities involved from a completely different and unique perspective and that is the main objective of Lens Moto; to produce a high quality medium that has a heavy rider and industry involvement to show the viewers what really goes on behind the scenes!¿ stated VP, Ryan Leyba.

Lens Moto will continue to bring a fresh new look to motocross and its fans alike with each individual feature concentrating on its core audience. Unlike other alternative sports such as skateboarding, surfing and BMX, motocross is an extremely expensive sport to participate in and is somewhat unrealistic for most die-hard fans. Lens Moto will help fill the void by bringing up close and personal, rare and exciting footage directly to the fans.

Lens Moto Motion Picture Magazine is produced four-times annually in a quarterly format with a bonus end-of-year feature film. Lens Moto continues to focus on showcasing the world¿s best sport from an athlete¿s perspective with top quality cinematography and design. Lens Moto is motocross!

Lens Moto can be reached at 31887 Corydon Road, Unit #130, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, Phone: 909-674-3554 and Fax: 909-674-3557.