First Impression: 2002 KX125


It’s no secret that the Kawasaki KX125 has been slow for the last few years. Unfortunately, this year is no exception. Fortunately, KX125s can be made fast. Just look at Pro Circuit’s track record. Box stock, though, the 2002 KX125 needs some work.

The weakest part of the ’02 KX125 is its engine. It feels slow and seems to lack any punch compared to its competitors. It has decent low-end pull, but runs out of gear quickly, forcing the rider to shift, rather than rev out the engine.

The suspension felt smooth and balanced on smoother parts of the track and on jumps, but when the track became rough, the KX125 didn’t want to stay calm and controlled. After adjusting some clickers, we got the suspension working smoothly.

The ergonomics feel really roomy this year. Kawasaki made their stock bars higher and straighter than in years past, giving taller riders more room.

So, what’s our initial impression of the 2002 KX125? It’s comfortable, handles well and feels stable, but once again, it’s slow. If you buy a 2002 KX125, you’ll probably have to shell out some money to make it competitive.

Look in an upcoming issue of TWMX for an extensive test of the KX125 in our 125cc shootout, where we’ll get each bike dialed in, and put ’em head to head in battle.