We met American Suzuki at Racetown yesterday for our first ride aboard the 2011 RM-Z450, a race-proven machine that has been steadily refined since its EFI inception in 2008. For 2011, the chassis was left alone, but the engine did receive a few adjustments to help complement the new 94dB sound requirement for the stock machine. In meeting the stricter AMA noise limit while keeping smooth engine output, the compression ratio has been increased from 12.2:1 up to 12.5:1 for higher output; intake and exhaust timing has been changed for better engine feeling with lower noise output; and ECU settings have been updated for more linear acceleration and improved over-rev. In addition, Suzuki has also focused on making tuning and maintenance easier on the 2011 RM-Z450; two optional couplers come with the unit to change the EFI setting (richer and leaner), and a convenient fuel line cap is included for regular maintenance.