First Impression:
2007 KTM250SX-F

It’s pretty obvious that KTM has a competitive 250cc four-stroke. All it takes is one look at the National motocross results of the past few years and it’s easy to see—this bike can run with the best of them and has done just that. It’s also easy to see, however, that there are still a few things that need improving on the bike, and in 2007 KTM is hoping to have accomplished that.

Three years since introducing their first 250SX-F, KTM is dropping a new and improved bike. Much like the 450SX-F that we took delivery of a few weeks ago, the 250SX-F is drastically improved over the ’06 model. And, like we said, KTM is hoping to step just a little closer to the front of the pack with the new changes.


For the most part, KTM didn’t change much in the motor for 2007. All it received were a few minor adjustments in the way of new cams, an updated intake fork, and a new ignition curve. The chassis and suspension is where the bike received most of the improvements.

Just like its big brother—the 450SX-F, the 250SX-F received the same all-new chassis design, which is designed to reduce weight and improve rigidity over the ’06 model. The smaller KTM also received a new aluminum subframe, and a redesigned swingarm, which helps to better suit the rear shock.

Suspension-wise, KTM stepped it up this year on all their bikes, and just like the 450SX-F, the 250SX-F received an all-new WP 48mm USD fully adjustable closed-cartridge bladder fork along with an improved rear shock. All of which were aimed at giving the bike a better more controllable ride.

The Lites class bike also received many of the same smaller changes that the 450SX-F got. New wave brake rotors, a new exhaust system, a larger airbox, and all-new bodywork are just a few of the highlighted items to look for on the bike. All of these updates were made to add just a little more attention to detail to an already race-ready ride.


Unlike the 450SX-F the 250SX-F didn’t receive an electric start, but fortunately, it doesn’t need it. Just like last year, this bike is probably on of the easiest thumpers to fire up, as we were able to get it rolling after only one or two kicks on most occasions. Once out on the track, we had smiles the entire time.

Last year, the handling of the orange machine needed a little massaging for most riders looking to feel at home while pounding out lap after lap. This year, with the new chassis and updated suspension, the KTM is a joy to ride. In nearly every circumstance it is easier and more forgiving than the ’06 model. It turns well, and handles jumps and rough straights better than any other Katoom we have ridden.

Just like last year, the bike has an awesome motor. It has a ton of low-end grunt and plenty of top-end over rev. Like previous years, the motor on this bike is going to be hard to beat, and although we haven’t run it on the dyno yet, we are sure it pumps out a stellar amount of horsepower.


Overall, we are pretty pleased with the updated 250SX-F. KTM has managed to make a bike that was pretty good before into something that will without a doubt be a contender in this year’s 250cc four-stroke shootout. As always, though, this is just our first impression of the bike. Be sure to check out an upcoming issue of TransWorld Motocross for an in-depth review of the scooter, as well as a dyno chart, test rider impressions, and everything else you might be looking for.


Be sure to check out the TWMX video of the 2007 KTM250SX-F. Hear from KTM about the changes to the bike, see it in action and get a first hand review from Brendan Lutes.

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