First Impressions: 2007 Bikes

This is always an exciting time of year as manufacturers begin rolling out the new 2007 motorcycles. To help you begin thinking about your new ride for 2007, the TWMX crew gets our hands on the bikes as soon as the manfacturers have them available. Our test riders put a good initial ride into them, and give you their “First Impressions” of the new bikes.

Those impressions, along with photos and video of the new bikes are all linked below. We will bump this story back to the top of the homepage each time a new first impression is available.


2007 CRF250R (posted 08.04.2006)

2007 CRF450R (posted 06.28.2006)


2007 KTM250SX-F (posted 08.25.2006)

2007 KTM450SX-F (posted 07.28.2006)


2007 RM-Z250 (posted 08.24.2006)