Colin of FasterUSA stopped by with their latest wheel offering for the 2009 Honda CRF450R. Comprised of red RAD Manufacturing Econo hubs and black Excel signature series rims, these are specifically designed to accept the new stock Honda disc guard and spacer.

These are heavy duty wheels in that they have oversized bearings, 8 gauge spokes in the rear, 9 gauge spokes up front, and steel nipples for added strength. So don’t get it twisted, these may not be for the die-hard, weight-shaving racer out there with a disposable income. These, in fact, are more for the rider out there that pounds out a lot of laps and needs a nice set of rims that can handle some multiple truings. The larger spokes and steel nipples may be a bit heavier than stock, but they are said to be stronger and more durable over time.

We are all aware of the quality that Excel is known for, so it is no surprise they chose these rims. As for the hubs, they are CNC-machined billet aluminum with heavy duty bearings, spacers, and seals, and are made here in the U.S. They carry a one-year warranty.

Faster USA and RAD also offer lightened and frictionless wheelsets at a more “race ready” price as well.

Our wheels are for the CRF450R, but FasterUSA has wheels available for all of other major models. They are priced at $919 and come fully assembled (we hear there is free shipping too).

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