First Look! Sean Hamblin’s New Threads

Freshly healed up from his season-ending knee injury, Team Sobe Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin is healthy and riding again in preparation for the 2004 Supercross Series.


We ran into our favorite Suzuki rider earlier this week at Tom’s Farms as we were on our way to Lake Elsinore MX Park for a day of riding, and Hamblin reported that he’s been back on a bike for several weeks now after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his knee earlier this year. “It feels pretty good, but it did start to hurt the other day after I went for a run,” he said. “It is great to be back on a motorcycle again, but right now my cardiovascular fitness level is crap! I’ve got some work to do.”


In addition to his new Windham wanna-be hair-do, Hamblin also sported some new riding gear, made by newcomer Alloy, as well as his new AMA number: 36. Hamy looked great as he turned lap after lap at LEMP, both speed-wise and fashion-wise. To check out the rest of Alloy’s web site at


In other related news, Hamblin reported that new team rider Davi Millsaps has been displaying unreal speeds on the Team Suzuki test track. “I was there the first day he rode the track, and within minutes he had it dailed and was doing things I have never seen any other 125 rider do before,” said Hamblin. Sadly, Millsaps crashed hard on Tuesday of this week and suffered a broken and dislocated elbow. He is currently back home in Florida under the care of his orthopedic doctor.