“How I Spent My First Weekend Off”

“How I Spent My First Weekend Off”

The life of a professional motocross racer can be grueling. Between riding and testing, putting time in at the gym, never-ending travel, media and PR, and of course, the long and arduous race schedules, it’s not often that a rider gets a weekend off to do whatever they please. But with Monster Energy Supercross jumping into the first rounds of the 250 East Coast series, many West Coast competitors got exactly that--a weekend off--so we decided to talk with a few to see how they enjoyed it.

Jason Anderson

“I longboarded some ditches by my house in New Mexico.”


Justin Hill

“I actually don’t have Fox Sports 2, so I went bowling and watched the race there [laughs]!”

Cooper Webb

“Friday night, my mechanic Matt and I went to the Naked and Famous/Imagine Dragons concert in LA. We had cleared some new mountain trails all week, so on Saturday we went on a big mountain bike ride, and then after I went to a little cookout to watch the race.”


Jessy Nelson

“I went to the Idaho Arenacross and was a mechanic all day for a friend.”


Cole Seely

I spent my first Saturday off hanging out with some friends and family in Newbury Park, where I grew up. I went on a mountain bike ride and relaxed with my girlfriend. We also have a new team sponsor this year, Horizon Hobby, so I spent some of my weekend building my team Losi RC car. Oh, and obviously yelling at the TV while watching the race [laughs]!”

Malcolm Stewart

“I made an Instagram video.”


Dean Wilson

“I went on an epic mountain bike ride on my Specialized mountain bike.”