FMF RCT 4.1 Exhaust System for CRF250R Product Report

FMF RCT 4.1 Exhaust System
Application: All modern four-strokes
$799.99 to $999.99 ($899.99 as tested on 2013 Honda CRF250R)


What It Is
The FMF Factory 4.1 RCT system exhaust features a patented resonance chamber at the front of the muffler and a special core shape. The patented core shape lowers sound levels while maintaining maximum power output, and the five-sided canister shape increases internal volume allowing for the use of more sound absorbing material. The new chamber design of the muffler is said to allow FMF to enhance and refine exhaust pressure through a series of internal chambers while meeting FIM 2M-Max sound test as well as the AMA 94dB standards. We tested the full titanium system with the patented Megabomb header. Combined with the Megabomb header design, the system is claimed to improve power throughout the powerband. Other trick options include titanium construction, a carbon fiber end cap, anodized finish, and JGR limited edition (for Yamahas and Suzukis). FMF exhausts are 100 percent built in the USA.

-Absolutely flawless installation process. It takes little time or effort to mount up.
-Smoother, deeper exhaust note than stock, yet somehow quieter as well. Sounds mean without blowing out the eardrums.
-Throttle response is far snappier and stronger than stock.
-Transition from low- to mid-range feels smoother and more seamless.
-The system, even with the pronounced Megabomb header pipe, retains a lower profile than stock. The header hugs the engine well out of the way of the rider's boot, while the muffler tucks discreetly behind the side number plate without extending out next to the rear fender.

-We didn’t experience a huge gain in the very top end, but the Honda pulls plenty far up top in stock trim and the FMF system did not hinder it in any way.

The Verdict
The FMF RCT 4.1 system with all the options is indeed expensive, but you get what you pay for. The titanium and carbon saves weight and the construction results in painless installation and durability, but you can still get the same power gains with a stainless setup for a few bucks cheaper. In short, the RCT 4.1 provides more oomph throughout the band of our little CRF, especially down low, as well as a far superior exhaust note/tone.