FMF/Varner Motorsports Suzuki RM250

PRICE: $520 (Motor mods and Hot Valve), $225 (Hinson clutch basket), $148 (V-Force 2 reed valve), $199.99 (FMF Fatty pipe)APPLICATION: 2001 Suzuki RM250 If you bought a ’01 Suzuki RM250, chances are good that you’ve spent every waking hour since then trying to find a way to coax more power out of it. Having seen plenty of fast looking FMF/Varner Motorsports RM250s out at the track in the hands of the Team Suzuki Off-Road guys, we decided to ship our bike off to get the same treatment. Terry Varner has a shining reputation within MX circles as one of the most skilled engine technicians around. For the past few years Varner has worked as FMF Racing’s in-house motor guy, but in ’01 he decided to venture out on his own. FMF and Varner Motorsports still have strong ties, and Varner handles all of FMF’s engine modification referrals. But back to our bike┬┐Varner ported the cylinder and modified the head before adding in one of his “Hot Valve” power valves. The ’01 RM250 comes with a dual-stage power valve that produces a mellow powerband. The hot tip is to replace it with a single-stage unit from ’00, but they are unavailable. Hence, the creation of Varner’s Hot Valve, which produces identical results. Varner’s motor work was matched with a FMF Fatty pipe and a V-Force 2 reed cage. A new Hinson Racing clutch basket replaced our worn-out stocker. As soon as we took to the track, it was apparent that new life had been breathed into our anemic RM. Throttle response is snappy and crisp, and low-end power is excellent. The bike pulls smooth, yet strong through the middle of the rpm range and continues to pull on top where the stocker falls flat on its face. Is this the fastest 250 we’ve ever ridden? Honestly┬┐no. It is, however, the best modified ’01 RM250 we’ve ridden, and one of the easiest-to-ride 250s we’ve tested to date.RATING: 8Call 909/608-2103 or visit, or call 310/631-4363 or visit