FMX Report:
Red Bull X-Fighters
Madrid, Spain

Continuing right where he left off at X Games 12 in Los Angeles just a month ago, Travis Pastrana once again proved that he is the man to beat in freestyle motocross at the Red Bull X-Fighters contest held in Madrid, Spain. Pastrana combined a slew of flip tricks, including an Indian air backflip, a nac flip, and a saran wrap flip to one-handed-lander to win over the hearts of both the judges as well as the 23,000 maniacal European fans.

“I always love this event, said Pastrana. “For one thing, the pressure is not as intense as it is for contests like X, but the main reason I love it is just because of the fans. They cheer so loud and get so crazy that you can’t help but ride at your absolute best level. There are people waiving around chainsaws, swinging their bandanas, and basically just going nuts! This is the way that every contest or show should be.

Though Pastrana’s fast-paced run scored a whopping 3.5 more points than his closest competitor Nate Adams’s (who received a 92, versus Travis’s 95.5), by no means did Adams put in a shabby ride in Spain. Nate “The Destroyer also threw his fair share of flip variations, consisting of a no-handed flip and a cordova flip, among others.

Rounding out the top-three in Madrid was Swiss rider Mat Rebeaud, who pulled off a score of 90.5. Though Rebeaud was nursing a sore hand, one could hardly tell, as Mat put together a very respectable run that utilized the entire course well.

Much to the crowd’s disappointment, local hero and definite crowd favorite Dani Torres finished just a half-point behind Rebeaud in fourth, while Australian Robbie Maddison rode to the fifth and final spot of the main event, making the 2006 Red Bull X-Fighters a very cosmopolitan affair, indeed.

1. Travis Pastrana (95.5)
2. Nate Adams (92)
3. Mat Rebeaud (90.5)
4. Dani Torres (90)
5. Robbie Madison (81)