FMX Report: IFMA Sacramento

The California state capitol of Sacramento hosted another round of the IFMA FMX this past weekend.

As the finals got started with Billy Walls, followed by Canadian rider Jeff Banks who was consistant with some backflip variations, indian airs and some dialed super whips. Banks was leading until Drake McElroy hit the course, who took control of the leader board with a lay-z boy, rock solid, Indian air, and a one-handed Indian air seat grab. The crowd–not to happy that Drake took the lead from Banks without throwing any flips–sent a few boos in the judge’s direction. But the judges were impressed with McElroy’s more technical run that featured better trick variations.

Last up was Matt Buyten, who’s run was basically a mix of both McElroy’s and Banks’ but included a one-handed flip, cliffhangar, and extended bar hop that were enough to give him the win. It looks like Buyten isn’t content with giving Jeremy McGrath fits in step-up, and wants to take on the FMX guys as well.

In the doubles event McElroy and Buyten took the top spot, and Grant Teel threw down the biggest whip in the whip contest.

Final Results:

  1. Matt Buyten 93
  2. Drake McElroy 92
  3. Jeff Banks 91
  4. Billy Walls 90.5
  5. Grant Teel 90.3

Whip Contest:

  1. Grant Teel
  2. Billy Walls
  3. Benoit Milot

Doubles :

  1. Matt Buyten and Drake McElroy 92
  2. Jeff Banks and Benoit Milot 90
  3. Billy Walls and Jonny Ebenol 91
  4. Grant Teel and Scott Stephens 88